22/11/2012 21:24


Just a quick one to end this day which came with so much abundance. Today was our second day off from TT Thailand. And today I finally brushed all the stupid excuses aside and learned how to ride a scooter. If I cannot get over the fear of headstand, I can at least get over this. So I told myself.

Two of the guys from our teacher training took pity of a few of us girls and taught us the basics before going on a little tour of the island (waterfall, butterfly garden and dinner and sunset on the beach - amazing!). Now, I don't know if it is the Italian genes or just the adrenaline, but I am hooked! Sometimes I forget how much of my life revolves around this very sattvic and saintly space of yoga (please pardon my sarcasm). So much so that at times yoga is not the getting away part any more. As we go deeper into this practice, especially on occasions like a teacher training, yoga is still our passion, but we begin to take it very seriously - sometimes too seriously. There are moments when it loses that lightness of heart, when we begin to worry about it too much. We end up being a little too much in our head.

Getting up on a scooter today for me was a moment of meditation. The new adventure, the speed and the overcoming of fear blocked out all other thoughts. I was so concentrated on the road and on my coordination that I was completely in the moment. Fearless and free. 

It reminded me of the fact that sometimes not doing yoga is the most yogic thing you can do. My friend Egon always says, no system is complete, no philosophy holds all the answers. Why do I/we expect to get everything from yoga? Sometimes you need to branch out of the loop. And then you find your answers and releases elsewhere. 

Interesting how trying something new can make us feel empowered. So when we eventually come back to our home turf, we are more fearless and more light-hearted. Maybe that is just another proof that all is one.