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TT Thailand is short for the 200 hour yoga Teacher Training that is taking place at Yoga Thailand Retreat from November 8 to December 6, 2012. The center, founded by Paul Dallaghan, has invited my mentor and friend, Stephen Thomas to lead the foundational teacher training in their facilities. Stephen is an international senior teacher with over 15 years of experience. He used to live and teach in Asia until chance (or fate) brought him to Switzerland for a workshop. It was in Zurich, Switzerland, that he met his now wife, Manuela, who has become his partner in life and in all yoga endeavours. 

At the beginning of this year, after having studied with Stephen for a while, I was invited to come along as an additional assistant on this teacher training. I am a yoga teacher based in Zurich, which is where I have been teaching for the last three years, ever since I obtained my 200h certification in New York City. Here in Zurich, I met Stephen and Manuela, who have become important people on my path. I am thrilled to be working with them over an extended period of time - but moreover, I am thrilled to witness yoga practitioners approaching the seat of the teacher. So I don't want to make this blog "About Us", for this is about them. And about you.

If I look back onto my own teacher training, I recall a uniquely intense period of time. I learned so much and still my thirst for knowledge seemed unsatiable. I transformed and still it was like lifting a veil that had been covering the essence of me. I am thrilled to be able to witness the process of transformation as an involved outsider and as a supportive observer. For many of us, regardless whether we eventually become teachers or not, a teacher training is a crucial moment where the practice goes deeper - when we realize, this is not just happening on our yoga mat - it has branched out to our life.

My fascination with this path has been a lighthouse in my life. This is why, I do not only want to observe and silently reflect. With this blog, I hope to capture the micro- and macro-evolutions that unfold during this teacher training. and share them in a daily blog, tracking the process of individuals and of the group as a whole. 

Gifts are meant to be shared.


Love and Light



History of project


It was about six months ago that Stephen invited me to join him and Manuela on the 200h teaching team in Koh Samui. As these six months were elapsing, Life has been elbowing me into the ribs, trying to get me to wake up and look at how I am wasting time on things other than what I truly want to do. Ever since I was a teenager I have had this great passion for writing. 
In a short amount of time, Life has given me these two gifts, an invitation to join into the process of a teacher training and, with that, an opportunity to explore writing more fully. It is my deep conviction that gifts are meant to be shared. So I have had the idea to share our experience, the micro- and macro-transformations that unfold during a TT, by means of a daily blog. If every once in a while you would like to travel with us, to be part of our Sangha even from miles away, it would make me wildly happy to know that the gift was passed on...

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Yogis and Yoginis that are interested in witnessing others transforming and in turn want to share their own experience.