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Koh Samui, 8 November to 6 December, 2012

I remember my own teacher training as a uniquely intense period of my life. I learned so much and still my thirst for knowledge seemed unquenchable. I transformed and still it seemed as if it was only a veil being lifted. Something had been waiting to be uncovered and it began to shine through. I remember, in my recommendation letter, my teacher from New York wrote: "The prerequisite for becoming a yoga teacher is to always remain a yoga student." It is that curiosity, that fire, that passion, that should be the basis of all teaching - and learning. It is only through passion that we learn from experience and integrate fully. It is only due to passion that we feel the need to share.

While I am incredibly excited to watch others go through the process of a 200h teacher training, I was also thinking of all the yoga practitioners I have met over the years. Many of them with an incredibly deep practice that has had a transformative effect for them on and off the mat.  And maybe, they have never even considered becoming a yoga teacher. Transformation is simply part of the game. It is the whole game. And it never stops. Thus, transformation, whether our own or someone else's, is fascinating to all of us. 

This is why, on this daily blog, I am hoping to share the micro- and macro-transformations that will unfold throughout this period of training, so that all the yogis, who can't be there with us, can at least share in the joy as this experience unfolds. In other words, since we are all interconnected, let us all be here together.


Love and Light to All


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